To Know Him Is To Love Him – The Teddy Bears

THIS DAY IN MUSIC………………………………….on January 3rd of 1959 The Teddy Bears appear on NBC’s Kraft Music Hall where they perform their recent Billboard #1 hit, “To Know Him Is To Love Him”. Unfortunately for the Phil Spector led trio, this would be their last taste of singing success. A follow-up release called “Oh Why” would barely scrape the bottom of the chart and by next Fall, after four more flops, the group would split up. Annette Kleinbard would go on to a successful songwriting career, Marshall Leib would become a musical supervisor in the film industry, and Phil Spector would launch his legendary career as a music producer. Phil Spector was inspired to write this in early 1958 by a photograph of his father Ben’s tombstone that said “To have known him was to have loved him.” Phil changed the tense of the epitaph on the tombstone and matched it to the music of “When the Red, Red Robin Goes Bob-Bob-Bobbin’ Along.” Benjamin Spector was a steelworker who killed himself 9 years earlier, when Phil was 9 years old. After he died, Phil’s mother moved the family from New York to Los Angeles. The song was also a huge hit in the UK peaking at #2.