I Can’t Explain – The Who

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………….on January 15th of 1965 The Who’s first single, “I Can’t Explain”, was released. While oldies stations in America still give it a fair amount of air-play, the song only made it to number 93 on Billboard’s Hot 100, although it hit number 8 in the UK. In a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, Pete Townshend referred to “I Can’t Explain” as “a song, written by some 18-year-old kid, about the fact that he can’t tell his girlfriend he loves her because he’s taken too many Dexedrine tablets.” This was the first single from The Who, which had recently changed their name from The High Numbers. It was one of the first original songs The Who performed; they played mostly covers of American R&B songs to that point. This was produced by an American named Shel Talmy. He was famous for putting loud, powerful guitar on the songs he produced, and had recently worked with The Kinks on their first hit, “You Really Got Me.” Talmy produced this in a similar style. John Carter, Perry Ford and Ken Lewis provided the background vocals. The trio were popular session singers in England, where they were known for their harmony vocals. For session work, they called themselves The Ivy League, but they went on to have a hit called “Let’s Go To San Francisco” as The Flower Pot Men. Perry Ford also played piano on this track.