Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………….on March 4th of 1967 The Rolling Stones’ “Ruby Tuesday” sat atop the Billboard singles chart after American disc jockeys shied away from playing the flip side, “Let’s Spend The Night Together”. The song  is about a groupie. It may have been inspired by Linda Keith, who was Keith Richards’ girlfriend. Keith Richards and Brian Jones wrote most of this, but in keeping with Stones tradition, it was credited to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards which became a bone of contention with Jones on this song and Bill Wyman on a later song “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”. Brian Jones plays the recorder (it sounds like a flute) in this song. He was their lead guitarist until he died in 1969, and could play just about any instrument. A large double-bass was used. Bill Wyman plucked the notes while Richards played it with a bow. “Ruby Tuesday” was not on the English version of “Between The Buttons” because it was already released as a single there, and it was customary not to put singles on albums. The song was originally called “Title B.” Other versions of this song include singer Melanie, who had a #1 hit with “Brand New Key” in 1971, released a cover of “Ruby Tuesday” in 1970 that went to #9 in the UK and #52 in the US. Rod Stewart also released a popular cover that was accompanied by a video. His version made #11 in the UK in 1993. The Stone’s “Ruby Tuesday” peaked at #3 in the UK.