Can’t Fight This Feeling – REO Speedwagon

THIS DAY IN MUSIC…………………………………….on March 9th of 1985 REO Speedwagon returned to Billboard’s top spot with “Can’t Fight This Feeling”. The song made #16 in the UK. It had been a little over five years since the band’s first number one hit, “Keep On Loving You”. When the band had difficulty coming up with songs for their Wheels Are Turnin’ album, they took time off so each member could write alone. Kevin Cronin went to Molokai, Hawaii, during his “time off.” There he played around with a song that he wrote 10 years earlier but never finished. When he stopped tinkering with his composition, it had become a song about a person’s fear of change – even though he knows that he MUST change. “Can’t Fight This Feeling” has appeared on dozens of ‘various artists’ compilation albums, as well as several REO Speedwagon greatest hits albums. REO Speedwagon performed the song at the 1985 Live Aid concert, they were introduced by Chevy Chase, mentioning that the song was a number one single at the moment in the United States.