Oh Girl – The Chi-Lites

THIS DAY IN MUSIC…………………………………………..on March 18th of 1972 the Chicago vocal group, The Chi-Lites make their second appearance on TV’s Soul Train, where they perform their newest release, “Oh Girl”. The tune will go on to top the Billboard Pop and R&B charts and reach #14 in the UK. Not bad for a song that writer Eugene Record would later say he was surprised that the record company even wanted to issue as a single. According to the Independent newspaper from July 25, 2005, Eugene Record initially dismissed this song. Record is quoted as saying, “I gave Carl Davis 7 songs on a tape and he called me to say there’s a #1 tune on there. I named them all before ‘Oh Girl’ and I thought he was kidding.” The other three Chi-Lites (pronounced “Shy-Lites”) contributed a few wordless harmonies and one line per verse. Of the many cover versions (by Paul Young, Leo Sayer, Smokey Robinson among others), nearly everyone swipes the harmonica part, proof of how key it is to the song’s arrangement. “Oh Girl” was the Chi-Lites’ first and only number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100. The song reached #14 in the UK.