Any Way You Want It – Journey

THIS DAY IN MUSIC…………………………………on April 7th of 1980 Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” is released as a single off their LP “Depature”. Steve Perry and Neal Schon wrote the song and played it for the rest of the band on their tour bus, with Schon strumming on acoustic guitar and Perry singing. Keyboard player Gregg Rolie (former lead vocalist for Santana on Evil Ways and Black Magic Woman) said, “It was pretty obvious it could be done real quick.”The liner notes to Journey’s Time3 compilation explain: “In the studio, Rolie tried a mellotron on the number and the instrument proved defective. Co-producer Geoff Workman managed to correct the sound somewhat and, once doubled with Rolie’s regular organ, the combination created a unique sound which, coupled with the stacked background vocals, gave the song a kind of celestial ring.” Gregg Rolle’s organ was double-tracked to create the keyboard effect. According to Perry, the song was heavily influenced by Irish rock band Thin Lizzy and more particularly by bassist Phil Lynott. In July 1979, Journey were touring with Thin Lizzy across the United States when Lynott, Perry and Schon decided to share rhyme scheme exercises during a hanging out in Miami. Lynott’s contribution later influenced other songs built on the same scheme such as “Stone In Love”.  Of note the song was used in the 1980 movie Caddyshack in a classic scene where Rodney Dangerfield dances to it using the sound system in his golf bag. The song was used in a tribute to this scene when Dangerfield appeared on The Simpsons in the 1996 episode “Burns, Baby Burns.”The song topped off at #23 on Billboard.