She Drives Me Crazy – Fine Young Cannibals

THIS DAY IN MUSIC………………………………………..on April 20th of 1989 The Fine Young Cannibals occupy the top spot on Billboard with “She Drives Me Crazy”. When Fine Young Cannibals first tried to record this, lead singer Roland Gift, who wrote the song along with David Steele, used his regular voice and the song was “She’s My Baby.” No one involved with the recording liked it, but a revamping of the lyrics and a falsetto voice for the new “She Drives Me Crazy” changed everybody’s opinion of the song.This bizarre vocal styling had quite an impact and made the song both a huge hit and inescapable earworm, as it is now impossible to think of the title without Gift’s variation burrowing into your brain. The rest of the chorus plays off this styling, ending in some extended words as Gift sings, “I can’t he-elp my se-elf.” After Barry Levinson heard the music the Fine Young Cannibals provided for Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild, he asked them for some songs for a movie he was directing called Tin Men. Levinson wanted fresh music that would still convey the vibe of the ’60s-era Baltimore portrayed in the film. “She Drives Me Crazy” was one of several songs the group provided for the soundtrack, including “Social Security,” “Good Thing,” “Hard As It Is” and “Tell Me What.” They even appeared in the movie as a house band. This was their first #1 single in the US. They had another just months later – “Good Thing.” Despite being from England, FYC never had a #1 single in the UK, this song peaked at #5. The album The Raw and the Cooked went to #1, though.