No Matter What – Badfinger

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………………..on May 13th of 1970 Badfinger records “No Matter What”, which will reach #8 in the US and #5 in the UK near the end of the year. Many people thought this was The Beatles when they heard it. Badfinger was one of the first groups signed to The Beatles record label, Apple Records. Written and sung by Pete Ham and produced by Mal Evans for their album No Dice in 1970.  As a demo, “No Matter What” was originally recorded by Ham on acoustic guitar and performed with a mambo beat (as heard on the posthumous Ham solo CD 7 Park Avenue). A similar sound to the original demo can be heard on an album track from their next album Straight Up called “Perfection”. Badfinger was signed to The Beatles label, Apple Records.  Peter Ham used one of George Harrison’s Gibson guitars on this. Although the song and recording was a favourite of Badfinger’s shortly after it was recorded, the hierarchy at Apple reportedly was not inclined to release it in any format. It was not until Al Steckler, the American director of Apple in New York, heard the tape in the summer of 1970 and considered it a strong entry by the band that it was slotted for the upcoming LP and as a single release. In the United States, the single was released with the Tom Evans–Pete Ham song “Carry On Till Tomorrow”, the theme song for the movie The Magic Christian, as the B-side. This was an edited version of the recording that appeared on Badfinger’s previous album, Magic Christian Music. In all other countries, the single was backed with the Tom Evans–Joey Molland song “Better Days”, which also appeared on No Dice.