Tush – ZZ Top

THIS DAY IN MUSIC………………………………………on June 27th of 1975 ZZ Top earn their second Gold record for their fourth album, “Fandango” which includes this Top 20 hit, “Tush”. According to guitarist Billy Gibbons, they got the idea for the title “Tush” from a song called “Tush Hog” by the Texas musician Roy Head. Like “Pearl Necklace,” “Tube Snake Boogie,” and “Velcro Fly,” this song has different meanings depending on the listener interpretation. Such ambiguity keeps the songs radio-friendly while appealing to ZZ Top’s core audience. The group came up with this song before a gig at a rodeo arena in Florence, Alabama. They were practicing a few hours before the show when Gibbons hit on the opening lick. He kept the riff going, and Dusty Hill improvised a vocal. ZZ Top considered changing the lyrics and performing this as “Bush” when they were asked to play for fellow Texan George W. Bush at his inauguration party in 2001. They decided against it. This was the first national hit for ZZ Top, who were very popular in Texas but little known elsewhere. They usually play this in their encore at concerts. The song peaked at #20 in the US.