Toy Soldiers – Martika

THIS DAY IN MUSIC…………………………………………………on July 22nd of 1989 Martika reached #1 on Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with “Toy Soldiers”.The song is about drug addiction and how drugs can control you like children control their toys – Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets” has a similar theme. In an interview that aired on VH1, Martika said that she wrote this song, along with her producer Michael Jay, about a friend who was hooked on cocaine. Martika (her real name is Marta Marrera) was born in May 1969 in Whittier, California. Her Cuban parents left their home country during a revolution. Martika started acting before launching a recording career, appearing in the film version of Annie in 1982 and on the TV series Kids Incorporated from 1984 to 1986. In 1988 her first single, “More Than You Know,” landed on the American charts; a year later, this was released as the follow up.” Stacy Ferguson was one of the background singers on this. She starred in Kids Incorporated with Martika and went on to become Fergie of Black Eyed Peas. This was Martika’s only chart topper however additional singles also went top 40 in the US: “More Than You Know” (#18) and “I Feel the Earth Move” (#25), which was a remake of Carole King’s song from her album Tapestry. Both of those tracks also hit the top 20 on the US Dance charts and the UK Singles Chart. “I Feel the Earth Move” also reached the top 10 in Australia, New Zealand,and Ireland. A fourth and final single from the album, “Water”, entered the lower regions of the UK and Australian charts. “Toy Soldiers”reached #5 in the UK.