I Feel Love – Donna Summer

THIS DAY IN MUSIC…………………………………..on July 23rd of 1977 Donna Summer’s Disco hit “I Feel Love” tops the UK chart in the first of a four week stay. Like most of Summer’s early disco hits, this was written and produced by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. This song expresses Summer’s sensuality and her ability to “Feel Love.” Being subtly sexual, her managers were concerned that radio stations wouldn’t play it due to Donna’s sexual moaning of “I Feel Love.” Co-writer Pete Bellotte in Independent on Sunday magazine July 1, 2007: “This was the last track on the concept album I Remember Yesterday, on which Donna sang the first track in a 1940s style, going through various other genrés until the final song was intended to represent the future. We used a Moog synthesizer to give the song this futuristic feel, and discovered a new way to layer level upon level of sound on to the track in perfect sync. We had no idea it was going to sound so special… Donna was one of those phenomenal one-take artists – she could just come in, sing the song and go. She was always spot on.” The song with its entirely synthesized backing track was enormously influential in the development of disco, electronica and techno music. However, Summer was initially unconvinced. “Giorgio brought me this popcorn track he had recorded,” she later recalled, “and I said, ‘What the hell is this, Giorgio’?”When producer Brian Eno first listened to this song, he told David Bowie, “I’ve heard the sound of the future.” The disco hit also reached the Top 10 in the US peaking at #6.