Lady In Red – Chris de Burgh

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………………………..on August 2nd of 1986 Chris de Burgh tops the UK Singles Chart with “Lady In Red”. De Burgh started writing this song about his wife Diane, after an argument, but he was having a hard time finishing it. Part of the problem was that he needed a title: he didn’t want to use “The Way You Look Tonight,” because there there was already a song with that name. As de Burgh tells it, five months later he saw Diane, wearing red, across a crowded nightclub, which gave him the idea for the title. Some interesting stuff about Chris de Burgh: he was born in Buenos Aires but moved with his family to Ireland when his diplomat father retired. He and Diane had two sons and a daughter named Rosanna Davison (Chris uses his mother’s maiden name for showbiz – his real name is Chris Davison) who was chosen Miss Ireland, 2003 and went on to win the Miss World pageant.”Lady In Red” was a huge worldwide hit, going to #1 in 25 different countries. In the UK, it became a huge part of the cultural landscape, with listeners divided over whether it was the sweetest love song ever written or a pile of treacly musical mush. De Burgh was never able to duplicate the success of this song, but he developed a loyal following in Europe, where there was modest but lasting demand for his music. In America, his only other trip to the Top-40 was with his 1982 song “Don’t Pay The Ferryman.” The song peaked at #3 in the US.