Everybody Loves Somebody – Dean Martin

THIS DAY IN MUSIC………………………………..on August 15th of 1964 despite the fact that the US record charts are dominated by Rock and Roll, crooner Dean Martin has the number one tune with his biggest hit, “Everybody Loves Somebody”. It made it to #11 in the UK. The song had been around since 1949 and had been previously recorded by several well known artists without success. When Martin’s version pushed The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” out of the top spot on the Billboard chart, he sent telegrams to Elvis and to Frank Sinatra saying “I did it! I knocked ’em out of first place!” The songwriters Sam Coslow, Ken Lane and Irving Taylor wrote this for Dean Martin’s friend and fellow Rat Pack member Frank Sinatra. His version was released in 1948, but went nowhere. It was recorded in the ’50s by Peggy Lee and Dinah Washington, but still failed to find an audience. In 1964, Dean Martin was finishing up recording his Dream with Dean album and had completed 11 songs. Albums always had 12 songs in the US, so Dean asked his conductor and piano player Ken Lane if he had something else for him. Ken said he had an old song he had written – “Everybody Loves Somebody.” Dean liked it and recorded it with just Ken, a bass player, a guitar and drums. The reaction to the cut on the album was so great that Dean went back into the studio and re-recorded it for a single release with a full orchestra and background singers. It became Dean’s theme song for his TV show the next year in 1965.This was the first chart-topper for the Reprise record label, which was founded by Frank Sinatra.