More Than A Feeling – Boston

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………………on September 18th of 1976 Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” is released in the US, where it will reach #5. In the UK, the song topped out at #22. Group leader Tom Scholz wrote this song. A graduate of MIT, he was working at Polaroid up until this was released. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Scholz was inspired by the “heart-tugging mood” of the Left Banke’s 1967 song “Walk Away Renee.” He worked on the song for five years in his basement studio before it was released on this album. This was Boston’s first single, and a surprising hit. The group’s rise was sudden and unexpected; they recorded most of their first album in Tom Scholz, which was stocked with equipment he bought with earnings from his job at Polaroid. When they finally got a record deal with CBS, they had to abide by union rules and complete it in a proper studio, which Scholz felt was a hindrance. When “More Than a Feeling” was released, the group’s managers spent a lot of time pitching it to radio stations, and the song took off. Suddenly, this unknown band with an album recorded mostly in a basement was a major player on the rock scene.The album Boston is one of the best selling of all time. It sold very well in the ’80s and ’90s due to catalog sales, which were these offers record companies made to the public where you could get something like “25 CDs for a penny” as long as you chose from their selection and agreed to buy a certain number of albums in the future. For many years Boston was the best selling debut album in the US with 17 million sales. However their record was broken on September 23, 2008 when the Recording Industry Association of America certified Guns N’ Roses’ debut set Appetite for Destruction for 18 million sales.