Tell Her About It – Billy Joel

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………….on September 24th of 1983 Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It” hits #1 on the Billboard Pop chart. It reached #4 in the UK. In his biography The Life and Times of an Angry Young Man, Billy Joel talks about when he first started dating Christie Brinkley. He says that she was the first person he could ever just talk to, and they would spent hours just talking – this was the basis for “Tell Her About It.” It’s simply about an a-ha moment for Joel when he realized that you could actually have a soul mate. Joel and Brinkley met in 1982, married in 1985 and divorced in 1994. The song has an early ’60s feel, which is something they played up in the video, which shows Joel performing on The Ed Sullivan Show as “BJ and the Affordables.” The comedian Rodney Dangerfield also appears in the video, getting no respect. Joel wrote the theme song for Dangerfield’s movie Easy Money, which also appears on An Innocent Man. Jay Dubin, who also directed Joel’s clips for “Uptown Girl” and “The Longest Time,” directed the music video. Dubin told us the idea for an Ed Sullivan Show spoof was an easy sell, despite the singer’s reputation for being a reluctant video star: “I went to Billy Joel after we did the [Live from Long Island] concert special. I said, “Hey Billy, wouldn’t it be great if you were like all those great guys, and you were on the Ed Sullivan Show? You know: ‘Now, Mr. William Joel.’ He says, ‘Okay, do it.’ Simple as that. Done.” The video gives the date of the Ed Sullivan spoof as Sunday, July 31st, 1963, 8:34 pm. In 1963, July 31st fell on a Wednesday – it was harder to find these things out in 1983.