Bad Blood – Neil Sedaka

THIS DAY IN MUSIC………………………………………….on October 11th of 1975 Neil Sedaka’s comeback continued with his second number one hit of the year, “Bad Blood”. In the span of just eight months, he also wrote two other chart topping hits, his own “Laughter In The Rain” and The Captain And Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together”. Sedaka wrote this song with Philip Cody, who also helped write his hit “Laughter In The Rain.” Cody told us it’s his least favorite song. This is a surprisingly bitter break-up song by an artist who was then known mostly for feel-good music. Here, it’s the friend of the narrator’s who gets dumped by a woman who’s referred to as “the bitch” and “an evil child,” while he takes a “better you than me” attitude towards the whole situation. Speaking about this song in Rolling Stone, Sedaka said: “The lyric is a little controversial, with words like ‘bitch’ and such. I like it because it’s not such a goody-goody two-shoes thing. That the mistake I made in my first career – the songs were too predictable, there’s no message intended.” This song turned out to be Sedaka’s biggest hit, reaching #1 on the Billboard Top 100, remaining there for three weeks. He was helped by his friend Elton John, who sang back-up for this song which ensured airplay. In an odd coincidence, this song was knocked out of its #1 position by an Elton John song, “Island Girl.” Elton John revived Sedaka’s fortunes in American by releasing “Laughter In The Rain” on his new label, Rocket Records. Sedaka continued to record for Rocket, and Elton continued to help. For The Hungry Years album, Elton asked to sing backup on a track. After showing up to the studio 90 minutes late, he listened to the album and picked “Bad Blood.” This song didn’t age well. In 1986, Sedaka said it was the least requested and least played of his hits at his concerts.