Video Killed The Radio Star- The Buggles

THIS DAY IN MUSIC………………………………on October 21st of 1979 The Buggles occupy the #1 position on the UK Singles Chart. Trevor Horn wrote this after reading a science fiction story about an opera singer in a world without sound (she was rendered obsolete). Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes of the Buggles replaced Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson in Yes in 1980. The Buggles did record a second album in 1981. While recording the album Downes was invited to join the band Asia; Horn decided to finish the album with musicians from both Yes and The Camera Club. This was the first video to air on MTV. The network launched August 1, 1981, and this provided the first evidence that MTV was going to make it. The song was a big hit in England in 1979, but pretty much unknown in America. When MTV went on the air, it was on only a few cable systems, but record stores in those areas started selling lots of Buggles albums. Since radio stations weren’t playing this song and almost no one in the US had heard of the Buggles, it was clear that MTV was selling records and was an early indication of the network’s influence. The female singers on the record were Linda Jardim (now Linda Allan) and Debi Doss. The Buggles asked Debi and Linda to perform in the video with other band members, keyboard player Hans Zimmer and drummer Warren Cann (from Ultravox). Debi was on tour with Hot Chocolate in 1979 when the song went to #1 and Errol Brown gave Debi a bottle of champagne and the day off to rush off to London to perform on Top Of The Pops with the Buggles. The video was shot in south London in a day. The girl who starred in the clip was a friend of director Russell Mulcahy who was trying to become an actress. For the scene where she is lowered into the test tube, about 30 takes were shot, and the wrong take was used – you can see the tube falling over, which wasn’t supposed to happen. Though the song was the first video featured on MTV the song was not a big hit in the US where it peaked at #40.