All Night Long – Lionel Ritchie

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………………………on November 12th of 1983 Lionel Ritchie tops Billboard with “All Night Long”. Written by the man himself, this was Lionel Richie’s fourth solo single – the first being a duet with Diana Ross. “All Night Long…” is basically a fun track. Released on the Motown Label in both 7-inch and 12-inch formats, co-produced with James Carmichael and backed by “Wandering Stranger,” it topped the Hot 100 for four weeks. The radio edit runs to 4 minutes 16 seconds; the album version to 6 minutes 25 seconds. The song also sold well internationally, and was performed by Richie at the closing ceremony of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. It took him about two months write this song. He explained: “I just couldn’t find the ending – I couldn’t find all night long to save my life. I had everything, the verses, the middle part, all the stuff. I just did not have all night long. It took me forever to find it. And finally one night, the heavens opened up and came through.” Richie told The Epoch Times that he got the vibe for this song from his vacations in the Caribbean. He explained: “I’m one of those guys that – I don’t look for something new. I look for what people do everyday. And I noticed that, anytime I would come on vacation, everybody who can rap is on vacation doing a calypso dance. Everybody who’s singing Opera, they conform to some form of calypso or some form of reggae. So when I went back to do ‘All Night Long’ it was very simple. All I had to do was find that beat that everybody dances to when they go on vacation.” A young Richard Marx, before he found fame with his own hits such as “Right Here Waiting,” supplied backing vocals on this track. He also lent his vocals to several other of Richie’s recordings including, “Running With The Night.” Lionel Richie was an early mentor to Richard Marx. The song was also a big hit in the UK where it topped off at #2.