All Day and All of The Night – The Kinks

THIS DAY IN MUSIC…………………………….on January 11th of 1965 The Kinks second single release “All Day and All of The Night” reaches the Top 10 on Billboard. The Kinks based this on their first hit, “You Really Got Me.” In their early years, The Kinks’ record company pressured them to follow up hits very quickly, which created what lead singer Ray Davies described as an “assembly line” of songs. In this case, the tactic worked well, with the sound-a-like tune scoring them another hit. Ray Davies wrote this song calling it, “A neurotic song – youthful, obsessive and sexually possessive”. This was produced by group’s manager, Shel Talmy. The Kinks would have extensive legal battles with Talmy over the years.The Kinks recycled the basic riff in the song “Destroyer,” the style of which bares a resemblance to that of many Talking Heads songs, from that group’s 1981 album Give The People What They Want. “Destroyer”‘s lyrics contain references to other Kinks songs including “Lola.” There was a persistent rumour that Jimmy Page played guitar on some early Kinks songs, including this one. When Ray Davies was asked about this in a 1981 interview with Creem, he replied: “I remember Page coming to one of our sessions when we were recording ‘All Day And All Of The Night.’ We had to record that song at 10 o’clock in the morning because we had a gig that night. It was done in three hours. Page was doing a session in the other studio, and he came in to hear Dave’s solo, and he laughed and he snickered. And now he says that he played it! So I think he’s an asshole, and he can put all the curses he wants on me because I know I’m right and he’s wrong. ” You might notice some similarities between this song and the 1968 Doors song “Hello, I Love You.” According to Ray Davies, his publisher wanted to sue the Doors over it, but Ray refused to take legal action. The song peaked at #7 in the US and #2 in the UK.