I Feel The Earth Move – Carole King

THIS DAY IN MUSIC………………………………..on January 23rd of 1977 Carole King’s landmark LP, “Tapestry” became the longest-running album of all time on the Billboard chart, as it reached its 302nd week on the list. From that best selling LP comes the song “I Feel The Earth Move”. The most sexual song on the album, this piano-driven cut is the first track on Carole King’s classic Tapestry album, which spent nearly six years on the album charts, thanks in large part to women who bought the album en masse. While the song had a sexual feel, King never used sex appeal in her marketing, which earned her a great deal of respect with women who could relate to her songs and outlook. The earthquake metaphor can be seen as King’s coming out, opening her album with confidence and setting the stage for a new sound. With a piano hook and very forthright lyrics, it certainly made a statement. There is some confusion over whether this song was a #1 hit. The facts are that given its upbeat nature, King’s record label selected “Earth Move” as the A-side to Tapestry’s first single. However, after a few weeks of continuous airplay many DJs began to give the slower, lamenting B-side “It’s Too Late,” an equal amount of spin. Soon, it came to the point where “It’s Too Late,” dominated and ended up topping the charts by May of 1971. Billboard has since declared the record a double A-side and it is generally listed as such in books and articles that both songs reached #1 on the Hot 100 chart. The pop singer Martika covered this as her follow up to her #1 hit “Toy Soldiers.” Her dance/rock version reached #25 on the pop charts in the U.S. and #7 in the UK. It also charted high in Australia, Japan and Spain and a number of other countries.