I Fought The Law – The Bobby Fuller Four

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………….on January 29th of 1966 “I Fought The Law” by The Bobby Fuller Four is released. It will enter the Hot 100 two weeks later and eventually reach #9 during an eight week chart run.This was written by Sonny Curtis, who was a member of The Crickets (Buddy Holly’s group). The Crickets recorded it shortly after Buddy Holly’s death in 1959 and released it on their 1960 album In Style With The Crickets. If Holly had lived, there’s a good chance it would have been a huge hit for The Crickets. Fuller was a popular singer/guitarist from El Paso, Texas, and he first recorded this song in 1964 where it was a regional hit in New Mexico and West Texas. The hit version was recorded in 1965 at his label Del-Fi Records, using the same group of musicians. When they recorded this song, the Bobby Fuller Four was: Bobby Fuller on vocals and guitar), his brother Randy Fuller on bass and backup vocals (the raspy heavy voice), Jim Reese on guitar and Dewayne Quirico on drums. The original lyric was “Robbin’ people with a six gun,” but he would sing it as “Zip Gun,” “Shotgun” or “Six Gun,” and joked about other guns when he sang it live. The Clash recorded this in 1979 after they heard Fuller’s version on a jukebox. They made the song more bleak, changing the line, “I left my baby” to “I killed my baby.” Their version got them noticed in America, where the song was released on July 26th, 1979, with “(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais” as the B-side. The John Mellencamp hit “Authority Song” was inspired by this. The song peaked at #33 in the UK.