Take It On The Run – REO Speedwagon

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………………..on February 21st of 1981 REO Speedwagon started a 15 week run at the top of the Billboard album chart with “Hi Infidelity”. From that LP comes “Take It On The Run”. This song was Gary Richrath’s answer to fellow band co-leader Kevin Cronin‘s “Keep On Loving You” (#1 in 1981) – both were going through difficulties in their relationships, Cronin with his wife Denise and Richrath with his girlfriend Debbie. Said Richrath: “When I wrote that, I woke up one night, half asleep, and sat down in front of the TV. There was a soap opera on it. I was just sitting there, strumming a guitar, thinking, ‘God, these guys’ relationships are worse than mine.’ I just sat there and sang vocals about the effects of gossip and relationships breaking up, which was what was on the tube and all that was similar to what was going on in my life.”This song peaked on the Hot 100 on May 30, 1981, a little over a month before MTV went on the air. The band shot a concert video for the song with director Jay Dubin, which was the ninth video MTV aired when the network launched on August 1, 1981. The Hi Infidelity track “In Your Letter” also deals with a cheating woman. Kevin Cronin’s wife Denise offered a retort in a 1981 People magazine story. “They should have called the album Wives on the Run. The band gets all this sympathy and is excused for all that goes on when they’re on the road. No one even mentions the problems of the wives who are home alone.” “Take It On The Run” went on to reach #5 in the US and #19 in the UK.

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