New Kid In Town – The Eagles

THIS DAY IN MUSIC…………………………………on February 26th of 1977 The Eagles attain their third Billboard chart topper with “New Kid In Town”, the first single released from their “Hotel California” album. In the UK, it reached #20. At next year’s Grammy Awards, the song would win for Best Vocal Arrangement for Two or More Voices. J.D. Souther That’s what J.D. Souther  wrote this with Eagles members Glenn Frey and Don Henley. Souther was part of the flourishing Southern California music scene, and often collaborated with the Eagles, also cowriting their hits “Best Of My Love” and “Heartache Tonight.” Souther explained: “‘New Kid’ emerged from our whole fascination with gunfire as an analogy. The point was at some point some kid would come riding into town that was much faster than you and he’d say so, and then he’d prove it. That’s the story of life. That’s the story of aging, especially coming out of your teenage and young man years and as you approach 30, you begin to see that things don’t stay the same forever. And that there’s a lot other guys like you and gals like you that want the same thing that are coming up, and they want their moment, too, and they’re going to get it. And it’s fine. It’s as it should be.” Don Felder, who was the Eagles guitarist at the time, told us that once they came up with the concept of the “Hotel California,” some other songs fell into place, including this one. Said Felder: “Once you arrive in LA and you have your first couple of hits, you become the ‘New Kid in Town,’ and then with greater success, you live ‘Life In The Fast Lane,’ and you start wondering if all that time you’ve spent in the bars was just ‘Wasted Time.’ So all of these other song ideas kind of came out of that concept once the foundation was laid for ‘Hotel California.'”