How Do You Do It? – Gerry And The Pacemakers

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………on March 1st of 1963 Gerry And The Pacemakers release their first British single, “How Do You Do It”, which will go on to top the UK chart the following April. The song had been turned down by Adam Faith and although The Beatles had recorded it, they declined to issue their version. The song was written by Mitch Murray, who offered it to Adam Faith and Brian Poole but was turned down. George Martin of EMIdecided to pick it up for the new group he was producing, the Beatles, as the A-side of their first record. The Beatles recorded the song but opposed releasing it, feeling that it did not fit their sound, but worked out changes from Murray’s demo-disc version. These included a new introduction, vocal harmony, an instrumental interlude, small lyric changes and removal of the half-step modulation for the last verse. They recorded the song in September, 1962; although Murray disliked their changes, the decision not to release the Beatles’ version was primarily a business one.Love Me Do” was their first single instead. The recording was officially released in November 1995 on the Beatles retrospective Anthology 1 album. Gerry and the Pacemakers’ version, also produced by Martin, became a number-one hit in the UK until it was replaced by “From Me to You” (the Beatles’ third single).