Another Brick In The Wall (Part II) – Pink Floyd

THIS DAY IN MUSIC………………………………….on March 22nd of 1980 Pink Floyd reached #1 on Billboard with “Another Brick In The Wall (Part II). Roger Waters wrote this song about his views on formal education, which were framed during his time at the Cambridgeshire School for Boys. He hated his grammar school teachers and felt they were more interested in keeping the kids quiet than teaching them. The wall refers to the wall Waters built around himself because he wasn’t in touch with reality. The bricks in the wall were the events in his life which propelled him to build this proverbial wall around him, and his school teacher was another brick in the wall. The chorus came from a school in Islington, England, and was chosen because it was close to the studio. It was made up of 23 kids between the ages of 13 and 15. They were overdubbed 12 times, making it sound like there were many more kids. The addition of the choir convinced Waters that the song would come together. He told Rolling Stone: “It suddenly made it sort of great.” Pink Floyd’s producer, Bob Ezrin, had the idea for the chorus. He used a choir of kids when he produced Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” in 1972. Ezrin liked to use children’s voices on songs about school. The Disco beat was suggested by their producer, Bob Ezrin, who was a fan of the group Chic. This was completely unexpected from Pink Floyd, who specialized in making records you were supposed to listen to, not dance to. He got the idea for the beat when he was in New York and heard something Nile Rodgers was doing. Pink Floyd rarely released singles that were also on an album. They felt their songs were best appreciated in the context of an album, where the songs and the artwork came together to form a theme. Producer Bob Ezrin convinced them that this could stand on it’s own and would not hurt album sales, and when the band relented and released it as a single, it became their only #1 hit. Two more songs were subsequently released as singles from the album: “Run Like Hell” and “Comfortably Numb.” The song also reached #1 in the UK.