Footloose – Kenny Loggins

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………………on March 31st of 1984 Kenny Loggins has the #1 song in the US with the title song from the film “Footloose”. This was the theme from the movie of the same name starring Kevin Bacon in his breakout role; Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise also tried out for the part. He plays a teenager who moves to a small town where dancing is illegal. Dean Pitchford, who wrote the screenplay to the film and the lyrics to all the songs in the movie, got the idea from a 1979 newspaper article about the town of Elmore City, Oklahoma, where a law against dancing was on the books since the 1800s. The 14 high school seniors decided they wanted a prom, and got the town council to overturn the antiquated interdiction so they could dance. Pitchford visited Elmore City to research his screenplay, where he spent a week immersing himself in their culture. Loggins was a big star and helped make Caddyshack a huge success with his song “I’m Alright” in 1980. In 1982, he had a hit with “Don’t Fight It,” which he wrote with Pitchford and Steve Perry, who also sang on the track. Getting Loggins for the title track was huge for Pitchford, who had never written a screenplay before and was trying to sell a movie based around nine songs – not a popular concept at the time. There were nine original songs the Footloose movie, and six of them were Top 40 US hits. The film was released on February 17, 1984, and the week of April 14, four songs from the movie were in the Top 40: the title track, “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” (by Deniece Williams, it also peaked at #1), “Holding Out For A Hero” (Bonnie Tyler) and “Dancing in the Sheets” (Shalamar). “Almost Paradise” entered the chart in May and became a #1 Adult Contemporary hit; the last single was the other one from Kenny Loggins, “I’m Free (Heaven Helps The Man).” Another popular song in the film that was not released as a single was “The Girl Gets Around” by Sammy Hagar. “Footloose” topped off at #6 in the UK.