Never Going Back Again – Fleetwood Mac

THIS DAY IN MUSIC……………………………………on April 2nd of 1977 Fleetwood Mac‘s “Rumors” album went to #1 on the Billboard chart where it stayed for 31 weeks. Worldwide, the LP would sell over 25 million copies. From that LP comes the song “Never Going Back Again”. Written by Lindsey Buckingham that was first released by Fleetwood Mac on their eleventh studio album Rumours (1977). It was also released as the B-side to the Top Ten single “Don’t Stop” in the US and of the “You Make Loving Fun” single in the UK. It was also the B-side of “Dreams” in the Netherlands. It has been covered by other artists, including Colin Reid and Matchbox Twenty. Music historian George Case described “Never Going Back Again” as a “gorgeous” song with “bubbly SoCal philosophies about relationships.” It is one of several songs on Rumours that Buckingham wrote in the wake of the breakup of his relationship with fellow Fleetwood Mac member Stevie Nicks. He recalls it being one of the last songs written for the album, after he had started a rebound relationship with another woman. Buckingham regards it as a sweet and naive song and doesn’t consider the lyrics to be very deep. He has described it as a “miniature perception of things.” The working title for the song was “Brushes” because it was originally recorded with just Buckingham playing acoustic guitar and Mick Fleetwood playing a snare drum using drum brushes. In the final release, the drum brush part was removed. However, the brush part, as well as a lead guitar part by Buckingham that was also removed from the original release, was restored for a version of the song released the on DVD-audio release of RumoursAccording to Billboard Magazine reviewer Christopher Walsh, these parts represent “a pleasant surprise that adds to the song’s emotional punch.”